Anza Laundromat

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Laundry Room Hours are Sundays through Saturdays at 7am to 6:30pm. Last load in to wash at 4:30pm and doors will be locked at 6:30pm. Cost is $2.00 per wash and $2.00 per dry.

Laundry Rules are:
*Use At Your Own Risk
*No Tinting or Dying
*Please Remove Clothes Promptly
*Do Not Overload Washers or Dyers
*Laundry Left Overnight May Be Discarded
*Please Clean Lint Filer Before/After Each Use
*No Horse Blankets
*Management Is Not Responsible for Loss or Damage

Located by at the former Texaco Station, Hwy 371, Anza, CA 92539.
Please let the Valley Auto Employees know if you have any problems with the machines.